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Direct2D wrapper for Microsoft .Net Framework

Direct2D Sharp Updates


Direct2D, DirectWrite and Windows Imaging wrappers for .Net.
This library allows to access Direct2D, DirectWrite and Windows Imaging Windows API from applications written in C#, Visual Basic.

Aim of the project is to simplify development of managed Direct2D applications.

This is very first version of library that is contains almost all functions of Direct2D and basic functionality of DirectWrite and Windows Imaging.

You can download source code of the library and samples.

Screenshot of sample C# application

Screenshot of ImageViewer sample application written in C#

Custom renderer sample

This sample is illustrating different methods of drawing text to the screen (see project Managed.D2DSharp.SimpleText)

Rendering with drawing effects

Rendering text with custom drawing effects (see class Managed.Graphics.DirectWrite.ClientDrawingEffect)

Rendering text with inline objects

Rendering text with inline objects (see class Managed.Graphics.DirectWrite.InlineObject)

Demonstration of Direct2D & DirectWrite

This sample demonstrates geometry filling and drawing, radial gradient brush creation and DirectWrite text output.

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